Der Lebensweg

This morning an image arouse during meditation.
A hand showing five fingers and as well sun rays, originating from the Centre, where I was standing. 
I had the feeling it’s a picture of waiting for the next step. 
It’s all about the decision.
Life allows different ways to walk to fulfil destiny of life. So all the paths are equally laid out in front of you to choose YOUR path for life again in some situations. 
It’s like a hand with fingers or it’s like rays of sun and in many situations you must decide, which one you want to walk down.
Most preferred, the one with the pink cherry blossoms? 
So first you have to make a choice, which one you want to walk, to fulfil your destiny of life, your purpose of life. All are equal. 
It’s your decision, again, which one you choose. You’re free. You will be helped and supported, each way you choose.
But you need to choose. You have to make your decision.
It is your free will, which one you choose.
But first comes the choice and then comes the walking and it’s not possible to mix the streets to interweave them into one.
You have to choose, as they are not connected to each other.
You have to choose, which way you want to walk in this life.
Now it’s the time to choose
The purpose of life is:

So, make your decision and:

Live, love and enjoy your life.

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