2017 will be different

I want to share the abstract of a recent speech plus channelling of Master Saint Germain about the year 2017 by Adriana Meisser:
Many of you prepared themselves during many incarnations of deprivation and lacking, illnesses, healing, and quite a couple of deaths  for this very important life and your coming out now.
Becoming visible.
Be heard.
Many of you now in this year 2017 will feel inside themselves the call for heart business or soul business.
The time is right now.
Soul leadership means focussing to your inside.
Soul marketing means focussing outside, offering your inner soul center, the sum of learnt & lived incarnations, to the outside world
This year will be the year of surprises.
Many projects you will start will be successful in the first steps, but then you will discover, the projects‘ sole purpose was to get rid of something old and expired.
So, you will let go and there will open new space for something new, a new project.
You know, you are always supported. This year will be a year, you will feel this support very often. But, this year’s support will be experienced surprisingly totally different, than you are used to it.
 So, watch out for your soul family.
This year it will be even more mandatory to nourish your spirit body with meditation, moving your body, exercise, experiencing nature, air, breathing. And, most important, with still.
So actively listen to stillness in the outside world, and in case its too noisy, listen to your inner still. So concentrate on inner stillness, but not during mediation, please.
Just sitting and listening and breathing and hearing what the still does inside you.
Listen to still, hear the still and live the still. Experience, how it feels.
For many other people this year something totally new will begin, which will not always be comfortable. It will turn their life upside down. Like it happened in your life so many times already.
This change is noisy.
So experience the still. No concepts, no projects, no TV, no meditation.
So listen to the music of your still. Learn the sound of your still.
So enable yourself to listen to the sound of your still, the rhythm of your still. Listen to yourself. Listen to your inner voice which will tell you a lot.
Allow to be surprised.
Soul business

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